D-IQ – Do you know your Digital Insanity Quotient?

Perhaps Einstein did famously vocalise his frustration with common repetition of behaviour that leads to failure or poor results and expecting a different result every time. He may have done this by suggesting that insanity can be defined as doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome. In reading up a little on the topic, I note the objections to this definition and assigning it to Einstein right from the onset. Having said this, when working in strategy design, execution or the technology industry long enough this quote is likely to be reinforced at some point.

I am palpably aware that this quote has almost become vapid. Consider then why it is that, what has become a regularly quoted quote in Executive Committees around the world, does not result in a change in behaviour at precisely the time that it will have the biggest impact? A time when perpetuating this behaviour is likely to be more fatal to your organisation than being labeled insane. And the time I am referring too is the onset of the Digital Economy.

At Black Swan Technology Consulting we refer to this behaviourin ourselves as Digital Insanity. We believe that we can canmeasure a Digital Insanity Quotient by observing some of thecorporate behaviours that commonly lead to corporates tagnation or death.

You may want to consider these questions: Do you understand the requirements for Channels and Routesto Market development in the Digital Economy? Are you dismissing the Digital Economy as irrelevant for yourindustry? Are you confusing Digital Transformation with TechnologyAdoption? Do you consider Digital and Digitisation as the same thing? Have you forgotten about the relevance of #undigital? Have you forgotten that digital is a way of doing business? Do you treat your data as a valuable asset? Do you think you only need to monetise the data you have? Are you deceived by your executives and employees intothinking that they all want to embrace the change required toleverage the Digital Economy? Do you think that automation equals digital? Do you know which of your clients are #Digital and which are#Undigital Are you building platforms? Are you inspiring and re-skilling all your stakeholders?

Are some of these topics related to activities you would like to embrace or learn more about? Digital insanity can be measured and cured and transformed into Digital Genius. Learn how Black Swan Technology Consulting can help you through our Digital Genius and Digital X programs by contacting us directly.

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